I enjoyed the opportunity to pose a question to the great Jimmy Page in this month’s issue of Uncut magazine. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand to read more.
Someone whom I didn’t know approached me today and said, “Hello Michael, who are you today?” It was in that moment I realized that we all have multiple personality order. People think they know who we are because we project — or at least I do, apparently — many personalities, as if they’re simply a part of our wardrobe.
I take my personas off their hangers, wear them for a while and then send them off to the dry cleaners. We may not feel the same every day, but there is one constant — that we are all the same. I’ve been driving this point home for months now because it connects us… whoever ‘us’ is. Of course I’m exaggerating. It’s what I do; it’s one of my personalities.

We seem to arrive at who we are multiple times throughout  day, establishing an identity that we think is true. Facebook and social media prove this. I believe that social media is the great narcotic of our times. We find out who we are through status updates and selfies. Are we liked? Are we understood? Are we sexy? In short, are we making a connection?

So by divine intervention perhaps all of our personas, when they meet each other, will fall in love and have identical personalities and all of us together will take that stairway to heaven and highway to hell, hand in hand… in hands!

– MDB xx

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