Never give up… just give.So many of us want to connect with people we don’t know, especially the artists among us. We want our songs to be heard, our screenplays to be read and our self-expression to be honored.The key to all of this is knowing that success is your own acknowledgment of your work. We inhabit a world in which we determine what is successful. We don’t allow others to determine whether or not we are a success if we achieve the results that we set out to do, which is to write a great song, movie, book etc.

The machine of happiness is fueled by self-esteem, not by others — critics be damned. Guarantee your own satisfaction by being your own critic, your own fan, your own manager.

Art is subjective and the subject is you. Trust the process and reap the greatest reward.

xxx MDB

The great magician, manipulator and lover of rock ‘n roll has transitioned to three chord paradise. I learned and laughed and was in awe of Kim Fowley for over 40 years. There has never been a character in rock ‘n roll like him, and there never will be. “Be happy” was the last thing he said to me. If you would like to listen to my tribute to Kim, click here.
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