7a234caf-0c64-477a-aec8-b8aef36a50f6Taking sides… it seems that we have to support a team, a religion, a gang, a union, a TV show, a politician, a rock star… you get the picture. We have to root for somebody. I suppose it’s a projection of how one sees themselves. “I’m a Hillary Clinton guy,” said the confused dude in the background. “I’m against this.” “I’m for this.” “I would never vote for him.” “I love him.” Opinions are like you know what… everyone’s got one.

When you support something, it is not necessary to denigrate  the  opposition. For example, if you like Iron Man and you don’t like Batman, you don’t have to say that you don’t like Batman in order to show your love for Iron Man. Can you dig it?

We will be forever divided if we stand on the shoulders of those who do not agree with us and wave hopefully to those who fall in line with our views.

Ultimately, it’s all a search for identity. If you wear a Lou Reed t-shirt, it’s likely that you will attract a member of the opposite sex (or even the same sex) who also likes Lou Reed, and you’ll end up in bed together singing along to “Perfect Day.” In short, it’s a shortcut to telling the world who and what you dig and finding out if anyone else out there feels the same.

It’s a mystery no more, brothers and sisters… by choosing sides you’ll find yourself dancing in the dark alone. To divide is not divine.

xxx MDB

PS - Overwhelmed is so inadequate of a word to describe my joy at receiving your loving messages on my birthday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of my soul.

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