318487e2-0bd4-496a-9d76-a60d41a03fb1I was tremendously struck by the Old Testament story of Saul the slave driver transforming into St.Paul on the road to Damascus. De – mask – us. Take off the mask and there you are! From slave driver to superstar, metaphysical superstar… how exciting is that? In a single instant you can change from a cynical, melancholy place to a knowing compassionate place!

There is no laborious learning curve. In fact, there is no curve! Perhaps you will turn the corner and see yourself standing there in all your  glory and meld together, melt together and fall in love with the most important relationship you will ever have… YOU.

Then, watch the sparks fly. Watch the fireworks burst across the sky and you’ll be free, free to be you in this beautiful world.


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