From Yahoo!Music on March 9, 2015:

MICHAEL DES BARRES Rock ‘n’ roll fans have plenty of references when it comes to Michael Des Barres — from his days as Silverhead frontman and marriage to iconic groupie Pamela Des Barres, to his work with Power Station and his acting career.

Now, he has a new solo album coming out, The Key to the Universe, on April 7 — and Yahoo Music is excited to offer up the video debut for the song “Can’t Get You Off My Mind.”

The video was created with acclaimed director David Rousseau who’s done Pitbull, Magic! and Drake videos among others.

“It is wonderful when you work with someone who has the same frames of reference. David Rousseau and I are encyclopedic about movies,” Des Barres notes of his collaboration with the director. “Whether it be Godard, Fellini or Tarantino we instantly had a cinematic shorthand. You apply that to an obsessive love song and loud rock ‘n; roll music and you have a combustible partnership!”

The song itself was written by Linda Perry, whose work Des Barres admires greatly. “Linda Perry is an emotional, truthful person. She has tremendous energy and passion and is a helluva songwriter. I know a thing or two about the theme of this song as we all do..I loved its brutal, desperate groove.”

As for his new album itself, Des Barres has this to say: “The theme of our album is a question as well as an answer..’you’ is how I respond to whoever asks. Primarily it is for you to ask yourself,” he notes. “The one true answer is, of course, compassion and empathy for everyone. The unlovable being at the top of the list. For it is your faults one has to forgive and understand first and foremost! Dance to the truth my friends. Dance to the truth…”


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