Michael Des Barres - Rock n Roll SantaRock ‘n roll is good for you!

Shape up your holiday playlist with Rock ‘n Roll Santa by Michael Des Barres.

Chosen by SiriusXM Radio last year as “The Coolest Song in the World” in Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Rock ‘n Roll Santa is set to spread the coolest kind of holiday cheer to more than eight million listeners worldwide this holiday season.

A prominent figure in both the American and British rock scenes as well as the Hollywood acting community, Michael Des Barres is presenting this song as gift to music fans of all ages. The track is a message of health and happiness with a playful, guitar-heavy and hip-swiveling edge.

“Santa looks great… Santa lost weight… he’s a rock n’ roll Santa and he’s gettin’ in shape!”

The music of Michael Des Barres celebrates the pure, uncomplicated joy that has gone missing in contemporary rock ‘n roll, a loss mirrored by the commercial and dietary over-consumption synonymous with the winter holidays. With over 30 years of clean living under his studded leather belt, Michael Des Barres has become a spokesperson for a fascinating new breed of healthy and happy rock stars and an all-around, multi-media force of nature.

Rock ‘n Roll Santa is available for purchase via iTunesAmazon and CDbaby. A portion of the proceeds from Rock ‘n Roll Santa will benefit the Little Kids Rock foundation, a nonprofit organization transforming children’s lives by restoring and revitalizing music education in disadvantaged public schools across the country. More information about Little Kids Rock can be found at

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