Short films

  • Men Named Milo, Women Named Greta (2000)
    Role: Christian Bell.
    16 minute short film, directed by Lawrence Greenberg.
  • What They Wanted, What They Got (2000)
    Role: Jimmy Cotton.
    13 minute short film, directed by Lawrence Greenberg.


  • Sun Microsystems (2000)
    Playing a villain.
  • Last Chance For Animals: “Dogfighting” (2002)
    Public service ad against animal cruelty.
  • Hyundai: “Waterslide” (2006)
    Sings in a TV-ad for the Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • 21st Century Insurance: “Talking Policies” (2009)
    Michael recorded a version of “All Right Now” for this ad campaign.
  • Nikon: “Yacht & Tango” (2010)
    With Ashton Kutcher, directed by Jonas Åkerlund.
  • Doritos: “Night and Day” (2010)
    Interactive Rihanna online video, directed by Jonas Åkerlund.
  • Volvo (2011)
    A Volvo commercial aimed at the European market.
  • AT&T: U-verse Movies (2011)
    Playing a “Bond villain” type of character.
  • plus a number of radio commercials over the years, including ones for Sprint, Cellular One, Outback Steakhouses, Brooks, Zinfandel, Volvo and Hill’s Brothers Hawaiian Supreme Coffee.

Audio books

  • Double or Nothing by M. D. Baer (1998)
    Role: Bill Barnholtz and Ross Barnholtz.
    Released on cassette in 1998 and re-issued on CD in 2007.

Music videos

  • Silverhead: “Rolling With My Baby” (ca. 1974)
  • Silverhead: “16 and Savaged” (ca. 1974)
  • Michael Des Barres: “I’m Only Human” (1980)
  • Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight: “A Woman’s Weapon” (1983)
  • Chequered Past: “How Much is Too Much” (1984)
  • Michael Des Barres: “Money Don’t Come Easy”(1986)
    With Melanie Griffith, directed by Dominic Orlando.
  • Juliette Lewis: “Terra Incognita” (2010)
    Directed by Lightfield Lewis.
  • Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera: “Moves Like Jagger” (2011)
    Directed by Jonas Åkerlund.
  • Michael Des Barres: “Hot and Sticky” (2011)
    Directed by Karen Bullis.
  • Michael Des Barres: “You’re My Pain Killer” (2012)
    Directed by Carrie Lynn Certa.
  • Michael Des Barres: “Rock n’ Roll Santa” (2012)
  • Michael Des Barres: “The Key of Love” (2013)
    Directed by Carrie Lynn Certa.
  • Michael Des Barres: “Life is Always Right” (2013)
    Directed by Carrie Lynn Certa.

Selected TV-appearances

  • The Real Don Steele TV Show (KHJ-TV, Los Angeles, early 70s)
    Michael appeared with Silverhead on this show.
  • The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2, UK, 14 Feb. 1981)
    Live performance of “Someone, Somewhere In The Night” and “Bullfighter”.
  • Puttin’ On The Hits (Syndication, 1983/1984)
    A music show where Michael was one of the judges.
  • Rock of the 80s (Showtime, 1983)
    Performing two songs with Chequered Past (live).
  • This Week’s Music (Syndication, 1984)
    Performing two songs with Chequered Past (playback).
  • Today Show (NBC, 1985)
    Power Station interview with Michael and John Taylor.
  • Good Morning America (ABC, 1985)
    Power Station interview with Michael, John Taylor and Tony Thompson.
  • Radio 1990 (USA Network, 1986)
    Michael co-hosted one episode of this music show.
  • American Bandstand (ABC, 14 Feb. 1987)
    Guest and performing “Too Good To Be Bad”.
  • Ashley’s Closet (LA local cable, 1990s)
    Michael was a guest on this cable television talkshow.
  • Wild On The Set – Big Cats (Animal Planet, 1997)
    Behind the scenes of Mowgli’s First Adventure in Costa Rica.
  • True Hollywood Story: Pamela Des Barres (E! Network, 30 Jan. 1999)
    1-hour special featuring Michael.
  • True Hollywood Story: Tawny Kitaen (E! Network, 29 Sep. 2002)
    1-hour special featuring Michael.
  • Love Lounge (VH1, 11 April 2005)
    Part of the panel in the episode “Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll”.
  • Action On Film Show (AOF Channel, 9 April 2011)
    Michael is interviewed by Anthony De Longis.
  • Charter Local Edition (HLN, 2011)
    Michael is interviewed by Tracy Young.
  • Focus In The Mix (LA local cable, 2 Sep. 2011)
    Michael is interviewed by Denise Ames.
  • Andy Dick Live (FilmOn.com, 10 July 2012)
    Interview and live performance.
  • Kato (FilmOn.com, 25 July 2012)
    Guest on Kato Kealin’s show.
  • Andy Dick Live (FilmOn.com, 28 Aug. 2012)
    Interviewed by Andy Dick.
  • Richard E. Grant’s Hotel Secrets (Sky Atlantic HD, 8 Nov. 2012)
    Interviewed by Richard E. Grant in the episode “Scandal”.

Selected radio-appearances

  • Camp Freddy Radio (Indie 103.1, 17 July 2004)
    MDB is a guest, talking about his career with Matt Sorum and Billy Morrison.
  • Camp Freddy Radio (Indie 103.1, 7 Aug. 2004)
    MDB is a guest again, promoting the DKTR Festival.
  • Jonesy’s Jukebox (Indie 103.1, 3 Nov. 2004)
    MDB is a guest, talking about his past.
  • Jonesy’s Jukebox (Indie 103.1, 20 Dec. 2004)
    MDB guest-hosted the show for Jonesy.
  • Michael Des Barres Radio (Free FM 97.1, August 2006)
    One-off radio special hosted by Michael.
  • Martha Quinn Presents (Big 80s, 27 Sep. 2008)
    Michael talks with Martha about Andy Taylor’s autobiography.
  • Suicide Girls Radio (Indie 103.1, 15 May 2011)
  • LinA in LA (Moheak Radio, 19 May 2011)
    Interviewed by Lina Lecaro.
  • The Single Life (HotTalkLA, 17 June 2011)
    Interviewed by Sam Phillips.
  • The Crystal Telephone (Luxuria Music, 3 Sep. 2011)
    Interviewed by Rotary Rachel.
  • Suicide Girls Radio (Indie 103.1, 23 Oct. 2011)
  • Music & Mayhem (Indie100.com, 23 April 2012)
    Interviewed by Taylor Van Arsdale.
  • BuddhaMan’s International Experience (KONG MonsterRock, 14 July 2012)
    Interviewed by BuddhaMan.
  • The Week In Review (BlogTalkRadio.com, 19 July 2012)
    Interviewed by Simon Barrett.
  • Hard Rockology (BeachCitiesRadio.com, 23 Aug. 2012)
  • KLEAN Radio (KFWB News Talk 980, 26 Aug. 2012)
    In conversation with Andrew Spanswick and Judah Friedman.
  • Loveline (KROQ, 30 Aug. 2012)
    In conversation with Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew Pinsky.
  • The Music Biz Weekly (ThornyBleeder.com, 31 Aug. 2012)
    In conversation with Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold.
  • Encounters (Global Radio Alliance, 7 Oct. 2012)
    In conversation with Mack Maloney and others.